Under The Milky Way (by mikeSF_)


Under The Milky Way (by mikeSF_)

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my mom has been a cop for over 20 years and she is the one who constantly warns me about police aggression and young male cops and told me that if you’re ever alone on a rural road and a cop throws their lights on to put on your four ways and drive to the next gas station before stopping because so many cops are scum and it’s not worth the chance of getting hurt. the fact that SHE feels the need to tell me this shit scares me to death

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a plus-side to being my friend is that you can come to my house in your pajamas and i will not judge you because i will also be in my pajamas

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Love and Lesbians ♡
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Through the thunder
Through the rain
Dreading battlefields
Say you’ll remain

Keep it close

— Keep it close, Seven lions (via theviewwithjon)

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He called me beautiful,
then compared
me to ecstasy.
I asked him, “the drug
or the word?”
He answered, “the place”.

— (Addie S. “untitled #13”)

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Things you SHOULD do when you kiss me:


  • Push me against the wall, the/a door
  • Gently grab my chin and make me look into your eyes
  • Grab my waist and pull my body against yours
  • Caress my cheek
  • Pull my hair
  • Put your hand in the back pocket of my jeans
  • Bite my lip
  • Put your arms around my neck
  • Tease me
  • Look at me with those eyes of yours, that naughty look of yours is irresistible
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